Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the Consumer Reports (CR) Annual Car Brand Rankings debut at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.  In the crowd were automotive representatives from Nissan and Land Rover, there were Belgium Embassy representatives and there were journalists from the Washington Automotive Press Association, like myself.  We were all eager to hear what CR named the best and worst cars, SUVs and trucks.

Surprisingly, Genesis was named the top brand in this years list.  This is the first time it’s been on the list as number 1 and with only two models (the G80 & G90), it’s easy to see why this wasn’t as huge of a feat as you’d imagine.  Most brands toot as many as 20 different models under their belt.  This can make it that much harder to meet all of the requirements of CR in order to hold the most coveted title of Best Brand.  In order to be a top pick, there are a few standards that must be taken into consideration, such as safety, reliability, owner satisfaction, and a good old fashion road test.   And while Genesis may have won top brand, other brands like Toyota held their own in other categories.  Of the 10 models that CR rated as being their top pick, Toyota held 4 slots.  The Corolla won best in class for compact car.  The Camry won best in class for midsized car.  The Sienna won best in class for minivan.  The Highland won best in class for midsized SUV.   That’s pretty impressive.

Here’s a tip for the other manufacturers out there:  You’re more likely to be a top pick if you’re able to adapt more safety features and technology into your car while being functional, as well.  In fact, safety should never really be a luxury.  While regulatory and legislative roadblocks have hampered manufacturers ability to offer better safety and fuel economy features, many in the industry have still found a way to offer a quality product to their consumers.

I’ll let you see for yourself how the others stacked. View the recorded announcement here: CR 2018 List . You may be surprised by which luxury brands landed this year. I know my jaw dropped for a few.



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