Real Wood.  Felt. Aluminum.  High quality paint. No that’s not a craft store list for an art project.  Those are some of the many new highlights of the 2018 Mazda 6.  And while those materials sound like the making for a pretty awesome homemade race car, they’re even more impeccable in Mazda’s newest design of the Mazda 6.

Mazda 6

With a bumpy start getting the ’18 model into the hands of the consumers that have been lusting after it, since the announcement of its impending arrival, the Mazda 6 does not disappoint.   The designers and engineers really showcased the Japanese quality craftsmanship, from the sleek lines of the body trim to the not so subtle new chrome grill.

Sales are up 15% for the Mazda brand that’s also named the U.S. News World Report’s “Best Car Brand” for three years in a row.  The Mazda 6 packs beauty and brains in one sleek design.  It’s a top safety pick and also for the fifth year in a row, EPA has recognized Mazda as the most fuel efficient brand in the U.S.   As a parent that is always on the go, the fuel efficiency is just the bonus I really need!

One of the most intriguing facts discussed during the media unveiling of the Mazda 6 was the fact that the brand was able to price the vehicle at $500 less than the previous model ($21,950), while packing several thousand dollars worth of upgrades into it.  It was hard to understand how a product could have more standard features than it’s predecessor, but cost less.   Standard LED lights in the front and back, 360 degree camera view, ventilated synthetic suede seats are just a few of the improvements to the Mazda 6.  How’s that possible?  Innovation and maximizing the resources within the company is how.  Instead of reinventing the wheel, the folks at Mazda worked on how to revitalize it.  They used best practices from various departments, such as R&D, and created the beauty we see today.

In this kick ass color, Soul Red Crystal, the Mazda 6 is a major contender in the midsize sedan category.  For more information on the Mazda 6, check out .



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