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Shopping for cars and SUVs can be a daunting task.  Cars have several aspects about them that make it hard to chose the right one for you or your family.  The reviews about cars and SUVs that you’ll find on this page should help you make better informed decisions.  If you don’t see the car or brand that you are looking for, please send us a message and we can work on creating the content you seek.  We also encourage our readers to check out our AutoMag page.  Here you’ll not only find out reviews for cars and SUVs, you’ll also find out the latest news in the automotive industry.  

Some posts may be technical, while other posts are more practical. The only commonality about all of the posts, are that they are from a woman’s point of view. Use CarBelles as your inside track into the car industry. We’ll share pictures from car events, hosts events for our readers, and we’ll also make sure we keep you abreast of all that’s going on in the world of automotives.

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