Press Release from VW Volkswagen will show the Tarok pickup concept for the first time in the U.S. at the New York International Auto Show. The Tarok concept is a compact pickup that is 193.5 inches long, yet has the ability to carry loads up to 73.2 inches long thanksRead More →


The first car that I can think of that ran on something other than JUST gas was the Toyota Prius. The introduction of the Prius was pretty major for the simple fact that it was the first mass produced Hybrid vehicle produced worldwide in 2000. It had a funky shapeRead More →

​​ I’ve said in numerous posts and videos that I am a sucker for a new car/truck.  I love that new car smell, and whenever I can get behind the wheel of a new car I try to take full advantage of the experience.  The experience is heightened when it’sRead More →